District Leadership


We are proud of our leadership in the SOUTHWEST District and appreciate the time and talent these men and women devote to serving children and their communities.
  • Michael Iafrato

    Name: Michael Iafrato [Contact]
    1830 E Broadway Blvd # 124-364
    Tucson, AZ, United States
    Phone: (520) 261-2241
    Home club: Silver City
  • Bob Carson

    Name: Bob Carson [Contact]
    PO Box 1426
    Silver City, NM, United States
    Phone: (575) 5907990
    Home club: Silver City
Our Lieutenant Governors are an integral part of the success of our district:
Division 02 Rob Roach West Side (The), Albuquerque
Division 03 James A Phelps Santa Fe
Division 04 Barbara Gomez Roswell
Division 05 Leroy Copeland Alamogordo Noon
Division 06 Ceci Medina Horizon City, El Paso
Division 07 John B Northcutt Las Cruces
Division 08 Donald P Townsend Sierra Vista
Division 09 Alan S Tonelson De Amigos, Tucson
Division 10 Ms Sharon S Doyle Tempe
Division 12 Jennifer Yee Downtown Scottsdale Young Professionals
Division 13 Karin A Church Desert Ridge
Division 15 Darin Edwards Kingman-Powerhouse
Division 16 Richard V. Main Camp Verde
Division 17 Elise Pitterle Zane Grey Country, Payson
Division 18 Dawn Lang Chandler